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About NEDP

It is a lot of work and time and the best preparation for higher education I have ever seen. ~ B. Rehberger NEDP Staff West Virginia


  • A high school diploma program for adults and youth who acquire their academic skills through life and work experiences and can demonstrate them in an applied performance process.
  • This flexible, self-directed program allows participants to demonstrate high school level skills in 10 content areas.
  • Uses guidelines from Section 508 for accessibility of Web-based assessment and enhanced with HTML5.
  • Serving approximately 3,000 adult and out-of-school youth participants each year.
  • The NEDP assesses academic, work readiness, and life skills including:


Foundation Skills and Core Subjects
21st Century Themes in Context Areas
Self-Efficacy Skills
 Reading  21st Century Workplace
 Writing  Cultural Literacy
 Mathematics  Civic Literacy and Community Participation
 Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
 Information and Communication Technology  Health Literacy
 Goal-Setting and Time Management
 Financial Literacy and Consumer Awareness
 Media Literacy
 Learning to Learn
 Working Independently
 Geography and History


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