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Continuous Improvement Measure (CIM)

Assess and identify program and instructional needs and develop an action plan with the research-based Continuous Improvement Measure. With the assistance of a CASAS certified CIM Coach - who will lead your program staff through the CIM process - you will be able to use the CIM results in your education, training, or workplace program to

  • Establish a framework for systematic program evaluation
  • Measure progress toward meeting Workforce Investment Act accountability goals
  • Plan implementation strategies
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of existing practices at your school or agency
  • Conduct ongoing program evaluation
  • Improve teacher effectiveness through self-assessment, peer evaluation, or supervisor evaluation

National adult education research experts developed and have validated CIM over a fifteen-year period using current adult education practices and principles.

The Program evaluation section of CIM includes standardized interview protocols and rating criteria based on characteristics found in exemplary programs. CIM provides a framework for systematic evaluation of adult education programs including the respective roles of program managers and instructors.

The Instruction section of CIM includes standardized classroom observation tools and rating criteria based on six indicators of instructional excellence. The systematic and consistent assessment of instruction process allows for self-assessment, peer evaluation, and supervisory evaluation.

The CIM overview training and facilitation for your management and instructor team provides valuable professional development. Contact CASAS for more information and to schedule a CASAS Certified CIM Coach to assist your agency.

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