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Correlation of Instructional Materials to EL Civics Objectives

This bibliography is designed to assist California EL Civics programs in identifying useful instructional materials that relate directly to individual EL Civics language and literacy objectives.

Each EL Civics objective has specific language and literacy objectives. For example, Objective #4 identifies 8 specific language and literacy objectives which are numbered 4-1, 4-2, through 4-8. This document also provides a correlation between EL Civics and CASAS competencies (see following example).

Objective #4
Describe methods and procedures to obtain housing and related services including low-cost
community housing

4-1 Name and identify various types of housing, areas of the home, and common household items (see CASAS 1.4.1)
4-2 Ask appropriate questions to rent a unit (see CASAS 1.4.2)

EL Civics Objectives

Choose an objective below to download a list of instructional materials appropriate for that objective. You may also download the complete bibliography get adobe reader.

Objective #1 get adobe reader - Identify, evaluate, and compare financial service options in the community such as banks, credit unions, check-cashing services, and credit cards

Objective #4 get adobe reader- Describe methods & procedures to obtain housing & related services including low-cost community housing

Objective #10 get adobe reader- Identify, locate, and map important places in the community, the state, and the country, and list services available and/or importance of each location

Objective #11 get adobe reader - Research and describe the cultural backgrounds that reflect the local cross-cultural society and that may present a barrier to civic participation

Objective #12 get adobe reader- Describe & access services offered at DMV and read, interpret & identify legal response to regulations, roadside signs, & traffic signals

Objective #13 get adobe reader- Interact with educational institutions including schools for children and schools or agencies with programs for adult learners

Objective #14 get adobe reader - Identify educational opportunities & research education/training required to achieve a personal goal

Objective #15 get adobe reader - Demonstrate basic knowledge and awareness of the emergency services available in the community & ways to contact & use emergency services & legal assistance agencies

Objective #16 get adobe reader - Follow appropriate procedures and access community-assistance agencies available in the case of an emergency or disaster

Objective #19 get adobe reader - Access local and state agencies that specialize in immigrant rights

Objective #23 get adobe reader - Access community service information

Objective #24 get adobe reader - Describe ways to prevent personal accidents and avoid becoming a crime victim

Objective #26 get adobe reader - Identify how, when, and where to obtain free or low cost medical, dental, and other health care services

Objective #27 get adobe reader - Participate in CPR and first aid training and demonstrate knowledge of health and safety precautions

Objective #28 get adobe reader - Access the health care system & be able to interact with the providers

Objective #30 get adobe reader - Demonstrate how to use pharmacies/drug stores and medicines

Objective #33 get adobe reader - Identify & access employment & training resources needed to obtain and keep a job

Objective #35 get adobe reader - Identify and access procedures for protecting employment rights

Objecive #36 get adobe reader - Identify work-related safety standards and procedures

Objective #39 get adobe reader - Identify and discuss the voting process including rights and responsibilities and the political process in the U.S.

Objective #40 get adobe reader - Respond correctly to questions about the history and government of the United States in order to be successful in the naturalization process.


The instructional materials selected for this edition are included because they are recently published, field-recommended, and contain content matching a variety of EL Civics objectives. Please contact CASAS if you would like to recommend other important instructional materials.

Commercial Publishers Referenced

The commercial publishers referenced in this document are listed by an abbreviated publisher name. The majority of the commercially published resources referenced in this document are also featured in the most recent edition of the CASAS QuickSearch database. The publisher contact information for all the commercial publishers is also referenced within QuickSearch. For more information about the materials listed here, contact the publishers directly at the following e-mail addresses.

Cambridge University Press -
Delta Systems -
Harcourt Achieve -
Heinle - esales@thomsonlearning
Intelecom -
Longman ESL -
McGraw-Hill -
New Readers Press -

More Instructional Materials are Available through OTAN

Those materials marked "/OTAN" are instructional kits developed by EL Civics funded agencies through special mini-grants. They may be ordered through OTAN (Outreach and Technical Assistance Network). Please visit the OTAN website at to download a detailed list of these materials.

Key Agency Abbreviations

BML Bruggemeyer Memorial Library
CVAE Conejo Valley Adult Education
ES UHSD East Side United High School District
NVAS Napa Valley Adult School
SDCET San Diego Centers for Education and Technology


Additional Resources

The Pre-Approved Civic Objectives List get adobe reader located on the California EL Civics Web site lists all of the pre-approved civic and language and literacy objectives.

The Pre-Approved Additional Assessment Plans List, also at the California EL Civics Web site, provides performance assessment plans — including scoring guidelines and rubrics — for all objectives.

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