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CASAS eTests Online HTML Version

To help you get started with the new HTML application, email and request the instructional-program templates with sets of sessions for your eTests Online account. Using these default templates and sessions will ensure standardized test delivery and data collection for WIOA accountability in all labs per site location with CASAS approved assessments for NRS. The CASAS Online System is fully automated to present appropriate-level tests to each of your students with these standardized templates and sessions.


Testing Sessions

Instructional-program templates deliver the following CASAS tests:

Let us know if you are interested in using the new Reading GOALS test series approved by NRS for ABE/ASE programs.

  • Feel free to customize templates or add additional sessions sharing the same template.
  • Editing a template will affect all testing sessions related to that template.
  • Deleting a testing session does not affect other sessions sharing the same template.
  • We are also available to work with you to edit or help you set up new templates with sessions.

Sessions are ready to use and reuse whenever you need to test – simply START and STOP sessions throughout the program year (July 1 – June 30).

  • One certified proctor per 20-25 students is required per lab.
  • Sets of testing sessions are required per lab for proctors to manage.
  • Proctors can filter for the Site and then the Lab to display all available sessions for administering tests.
  • Proctors may further filter the list of testing sessions per instructional program.
  • Proctors can check “Save Table Filters” to retain the filtered display.

Using these recommended sessions will ensure this fully automated application presents appropriate-level tests to each of your students. You may use any testing station in a lab to deliver tests from any of these sessions. Please note that you may use these sessions simultaneously.

  • Intake/pretest sessions are designed for new students and align with the recommended CASAS Intake Process. New student records are added at the time of testing. This session also collects required data to eliminate processing/scanning entry records.
  • Progress/post-test session is designed to administer the next appropriate-level test based on a student’s most recent test(s) recorded in the online system. Students must enter a pre-existing ID before they may proceed with testing. This session prevents duplicate student records.
  • Retest session allows you to retest students on the same day if their test score is –
    • Below accurate range ✱ – retesting is required
    • Conservative estimate ♦ – retesting is recommended
  • Returning session re-administers the locator or appraisal due to the student being absent so long that the previous test is no longer valid.
  • Registration session separates the student registration process from the testing process. Refer to Data Collection Details for demographic, program and personal data.
  • Practice introduces students to taking a CASAS web-based test.

Test results are immediately accessible in both eTests Online and TOPSpro Enterprise (TE) Online. This includes generating reports in TE such as the Individual Skills Profile and Student Competency Performance report.

Testing Stations

You do not need to re-register testing stations from the older eTests Online application and you can begin using the new version with the HTML testing sessions.

If you plan to implement Chromebooks or iPads, you will first need to set up the eTests Online App before completing steps for Station Registration.

Note! Each lab requires its own set of sessions for proctors to manage testing stations assigned to the lab. Therefore, we recommend that you pre-assign stations to all sets of sessions available for the lab.

Technical Support

The CASAS Technology Support Team is available 7:00 am – 5:00 pm (Pacific), M – F, at to provide technical assistance for successful online implementation and uninterrupted test delivery. Team members are also available at 1-800-255-1036, option 2.

Please let us know if / when you need:

  • Adjustments to sessions.
  • Assistance adding registered stations to sessions per lab.
  • Sets of sessions for proctors to manage per lab.
  • Additional sets of sessions at new sites.

If you have any questions or if there is anything that we may help you with, please let us know.

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