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Does your PC or Workstation Run on Windows XP?

Concern for those who run CASAS software products on a Windows XP operating system prompts us to share this timely information.

There is potential for upcoming vulnerability to the operating system when Microsoft ends Lifecycle Support for all versions of Windows XP on April 8, 2014.

Please take a look at these articles:

Microsoft Support Lifecycle

Support ending for venerable Windows XP. Freeman, M. (2014, March 1). Support ending for venerable Windows XP. San Diego Union-Tribune. Retrieved from

End of Windows XP support will be 'starting pistol for hackers'. Sparkes, M. (2013, December 23). End of Windows XP support will be starting pistol for hackers. The Telegraph. Retrieved from

By the way, CASAS has the best customer service. Every time I call, I am helped beyond helped! ~ Testing Center Staff, Centralia College, Washington

The Need: Accurate test results. Student and program success.

The Solution: CASAS training expertise and support

  • Flexible schedule (access online courses 24/7)
  • Course facilitators and trainers are subject-area experts in adult education

Become a CASAS Test Administrator

  • Each person who gives, scores, or orders tests must complete Implementation Basics Training
    • Learn how to administer tests and Interpret results
    • Use curriculum support materials to enhance instruction
  • Complete your training requirement online.
  • Check with your state offices for more information about CASAS training in your area.

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Technically, I thought [the online course] was brilliant. I felt the computer was a team partner with me, not something to feel threatened by. It was also very authentic, in that I knew what was expected and if I came up short, the computer informed me and wouldn't let me move forward until the expectation was met. ~ Victoria Ahumada, Teacher, San Dieguito Adult School

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