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Special Needs Training

Special Needs Training

Specialized training workshops are needed to implement CASAS assessment for learners with intellectual disabilities. Participants learn how to administer and score the assessments as well as how to use assessment results to improve instruction.

Adult Life Skills for Intellectual Disabilities (Forms 312-352)
A half-day training session is required to use the Adult Life Skills Tests for Developmental Disabilities (Forms 312-352, Skill Levels 2A to 5A). The training focuses on using the individually administered assessment to determine goal plans and targeted instruction for adult students 16 years and older who have intellectual disabilities.

POWER Assessment (Forms 301-307)
A half-day training session is required to use the POWER assessment for consumers with intellectual disabilities. Training focuses on scoring performance levels in a standardized manner, analyzing and reporting assessment results with the support plans, and using POWER curriculum modules for support and instruction.

CASAS Appraisal and Implementation Training (IT) Workshops include these sessions:

  • Adult Life Skills for Intellectual Disabilities
  • POWER Performance Assessment

Materials addressed:

  • Adult Life Skills Tests for Intellectual Disabilities
  • POWER Assessment Summaries
  • 2008 CASAS Competencies
  • Pre-Beginning Reading Content Standards
  • CASAS QuickSearch Online
  • POWER Curriculum Modules

For more detailed information on training options and fees, please contact the Training and Implementation Department at 1-800-255-1036, or For more information on training for students with intellectual disabilities, contact

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