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Next Assigned Test Charts

The Next Assigned Test and Suggested Next Test Charts provide guidelines to assist program staff in selecting the appropriate next test based on a student’s previous test score. Each chart displays the skill area tested, the test form number, the corresponding scale score, and the next assigned or next suggested test level and form number.

CASAS is currently revising the Suggested Next Test Charts to reflect the format of the Next Assigned Test Charts. Agencies may use either format.

These revisions support agencies that use both computer-based and paper-based CASAS tests. Agencies requested that “next test” recommendations be the same for both test delivery systems. The Next Assigned Test Charts mirror what is programmed into CASAS eTests.


Employability Competency System (ECS) Math Appraisal Form 130M for Life Skills MathPDF220.22 KB Download
Life and Work (LW) Appraisal Form 80PDF342.30 KB Download
Employability Competency System (ECS) Appraisal Form 130PDF221.43 KB Download
Life Skills (LS) Appraisal Form 20PDF14.08 KB Download
Life Skills (LS) Appraisal Form 30PDF13.76 KB Download
Workforce Learning Systems (WLS) Appraisal Forms 220/230PDF14.94 KB Download


Citizenship (CIT)

CIT 900 Reading SeriesPDF13.27 KB Download


Employability Competency System (ECS)

ECS 10 Math SeriesPDF14.58 KB Download
ECS 10/100 Reading SeriesPDF15.97 KB Download
ECS 60 Listening SeriesPDF13.19 KB Download


Intellectual Disabilities (ALS)

ALS 300 Appraisal and Reading SeriesPDF187.15 KB Download


Life and Work

LW 80/180 Reading SeriesPDF755.29 KB Download
LW 80 Listening SeriesPDF12.75 KB Download
LW 980 Listening SeriesPDF543.46 KB Download


Life Skills

LS 30 Math SeriesPDF13.44 KB Download
LS 30 Reading SeriesPDF27.73 KB Download
LS 50 Listening SeriesPDF13.00 KB Download


Workforce Learning System (WLS)

WLS 200 Math SeriesPDF12.79 KB Download
WLS 200 Reading SeriesPDF14.51 KB Download



What are extended range (X-level) forms?
The extended range (X-level) forms provide additional post-testing options that allow students to transition more easily to the next test level. These tests are a bridge between test levels, have a broader accurate range, and may allow students to show progress without having to move immediately to a more difficult higher level test.

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