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Direct links to helpful resources and support materials for using the CASAS Online System – CASAS eTests together with TOPSpro Enterprise – are available from a glossary of help documentation and videos on the CASAS training website. To access the glossary, click here.

CASAS eTests help documents and videos will assist you in learning more about using the online system to support test administration, link assessment to instruction, and track student, class and program outcomes.

New! Registering Stations for On-Site and Remote Testing

  • In both on-site and remote testing sessions, proctors can now register devices as testing stations with a station registration code or with proctor credentials.
  • To learn more, click here.

Upcoming! CASAS eTests Test Security Upgrade: Take a Test

  • CASAS is in the process of adopting a new test security facility for Windows-based computers.  Both Windows 10 and Windows 11 have a built-in kiosk mode called Take a Test. This kiosk mode will provide the same basic test security features as our current secure browser without needing to interact with your firewall.
  • To learn more, click here.

Help Documentation and Videos

  • Access an index of helpful training materials, click here.

CASAS eTests Sampler

TOPSpro Enterprise Sample Reports


Take a Test Setup_v4E 7-6-2022PDF445.82 KB Download
Steps to Monitor Web-Test UnitsPDF1.57 MB Download
Steps to Register Stations for On SitePDF674.90 KB Download
Steps to Register Testing Stations for Remote TestingPDF769.99 KB Download
Understanding Testing SessionsPDF429.51 KB Download
CASAS eTests online for proctors steps for testing dayPDF1.43 MB Download
TOPSpro Enterprise Basics TrainingPDF9.95 MB Download
Steps to Manage Test Records with Inaccurate ScoresPDF291.65 KB Download
Suggested Verbal Instructions for Online Testing in HTMLPDF365.56 KB Download
Steps to Use Practice with eTestsPDF597.58 KB Download
Steps to Retrieve Test Results in eTestsPDF352.46 KB Download
Class Replication WizardPDF212.12 KB Download
Proxy WizardPDF200.03 KB Download
Steps to Register Students with eTestsPDF487.37 KB Download
Steps to Replicate Testing SessionsPDF1.09 MB Download
Steps to Access TE OnlinePDF427.68 KB Download
Steps to Add Site RecordsPDF542.93 KB Download
Steps to Add Users RecordsPDF904.22 KB Download
CASAS eTests Online for Coordinators – Get ReadyPDF2.06 MB Download
Reporting a Testing Irregularity (TIR) - Fillable FormPDF351.14 KB Download

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