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Class RecordsPDF24.81 MB Download
How to Assign a Program to a ClassPDF480.91 KB Download
Clean Your Data by ClassPDF735.24 KB Download
Adding Instructional Hours per ClassPDF518.83 KB Download
Adding Students to ClassesPDF576.59 KB Download
Class Definition and Instance Help SheetPDF442.44 KB Download
How to Create ClassesPDF1006.57 KB Download


Student Information

Steps for Using the ID Autogeneration MethodPDF1.73 MB Download
Steps to Add Special ProgramsPDF785.04 KB Download
Steps to Add Student RecordsPDF606.93 KB Download
Steps to Add Test RecordsPDF984.08 KB Download
Student RecordsPDF25.90 MB Download
Merging Duplicated StudentsPDF937.16 KB Download
Adding Instructional Hours per StudentPDF550.25 KB Download
How to Manually Enter Entry and Update RecordsPDF537.01 KB Download
How to Add a Returning StudentPDF613.17 KB Download
Entry Record Data LocatorPDF1.21 MB Download
Update Record Data LocatorPDF821.25 KB Download


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