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Third Party Import and Export

WIOA Import TemplatesZIP373.67 KB Download
Exchanging Data with 3rd Party Systems v.1.1PDF275.27 KB Download
Options-Imports TabPDF165.25 KB Download
Using TE SchedulerPDF478.91 KB Download
Using 3rd Party ExportPDF501.98 KB Download
Using 3rd Party Import WizardPDF298.43 KB Download


TE to TE Import and Export

TE-TE Import Wizard-ArchivePDF619.77 KB Download
TE-TE Import Wizard-ImportPDF301.93 KB Download
TE-TE Import Wizard-ExportPDF573.29 KB Download


Merging and Proxy

Merging Duplicated StudentsPDF937.16 KB Download
Using the Proxy WizardPDF786.41 KB Download


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