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Third Party Import and Export

TOPSpro Enterprise Exchanging DataPDF1.33 MB Download
TE Data Import TemplatesZIP127.41 KB Download
TOPSpro Enterprise Data Exchange SpecificationsPDF896.90 KB Download
Steps to Export Test DataPDF613.12 KB Download
Options-Imports TabPDF165.25 KB Download
Using TE SchedulerPDF478.91 KB Download


Data Transfer Wizard

Transferring Student Data Between AgenciesPDF1.41 MB Download
TE-TE Import Wizard-ArchivePDF619.77 KB Download
TE-TE Import Wizard-ImportPDF301.93 KB Download
TE-TE Import Wizard-ExportPDF573.29 KB Download


Merging and Proxy

Using the Proxy WizardPDF1.83 MB Download
Merging Duplicated StudentsPDF937.16 KB Download


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