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CASAS approaches every partnership with respect for mutual benefit and success. Together with our local, state, national, and international partners we support and develop creative assessment solutions.

Examples of present and past partnerships:

Curriculum and Instruction Partners

Present and Past State Projects and Partners

  • California WIOA, Title II: AEFLA Data Collection and Reporting; California Department of Education
  • Adult Education Block Grant (CAEP), Data Collection and Reporting; California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office and California Department of Education
  • Adult Education Block Grant (CAEP), Technical Assistance in collaboration with SCOE, OTAN, CALPRO, and CAERC; California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office and California Department of Education
  • Assessments for Adult Learners with Developmental Disabilities, California Department of Developmental Services
  • Workforce Investment Act, Title II  Data Collection and Reporting, California Department of Education
  • Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) Pre-Enrollment Appraisal, California Department of Education, California Health and Welfare Agency
  • Greater Avenues to Independence  (GAIN) Appraisal, California Department of Social Services
  • Research and Development Consulting Services, Connecticut Department of Education
  • Standardized Assessment for Low Literacy Adult ESOL Learners, Florida Department of Education
  • Statewide Electronic Reporting System, Iowa Department of Education (Adult Basic Education)

National Projects and Partners

  • Employability Competency System (customized), Project of the States for Job Training Partnership Act (JTPA)
  • Basic Citizenship Skills Examination, U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service

International Projects and Partners

  • Assessments for Adults with Disabilities and for Workforce Development, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (Australia)
  • The Workplace Literacy and Numeracy assessments for the Employability Skills Workforce Skills Qualifications (ES WSQ), Workforce Development Agency - WDA (Singapore)
  • Standardized English Language Assessments, Escuela Americana (El Salvador)
  • Instituto Americana de Idiomas (Costa Rica)
  • Standardized English Language Assessments, Soluciones Educativas (Central America)
  • Standardized English Language Assessments, Nacional de Aprendizagem Industrial (Brazil)

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