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The Need: Comprehensive workshops on testing, instruction, and accountability

The Solution: CASAS Implementation Training in module format

  • Module 1: CASAS Implementation Basics
  • Module 2: CASAS eTests Implementation
  • Module 3: CASAS Paper Test Implementation
  • Module 4: Test Results and Reports

NEW! Live Facilitated Training for CASAS users

Enroll in CASAS Implementation Training:

  • Understand the basics of the CASAS system
  • Learn to administer and score tests
  • Discover how to use test results
  • Get started with testing!

Enroll in CASAS eTests Training (Online Testing)

  • Be sure you have completed Module 1: CASAS Implementation Basics
  • Use the “Going Live” Checklist to get started with online testing

Expand Your Knowledge

  • Specialty training is necessary for some tests (see left sidebar)
  • Additional workshops, resources, and demos can increase your knowledge.

In-Person Training Workshops

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, CASAS offered in-person training workshops as an alternative to online training. This option is currently unavailable. In the future, you may want to check with your state offices for information about any training in your area.

Technically, I thought [the online course] was brilliant. I felt the computer was a team partner with me, not something to feel threatened by. It was also very authentic, in that I knew what was expected and if I came up short, the computer informed me and wouldn't let me move forward until the expectation was met. ~ Victoria Ahumada, Teacher, San Dieguito Adult School

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