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Burlington English

Why have CASAS and Burlington English become official partners?

WHO: Burlington English provides instructional materials that focus exclusively on adult basic education English language learners (ELL) programs and learners; while CASAS provides curriculum framework and assessment tools that focus on adult basic education programs that serve both English language learners as well as native speakers of English.

WHAT: Burlington English focuses on instruction for English language learners in four skill areas: listening, speaking, reading and writing. There are several aspects that set Burlington English materials apart from others. Burlington English includes a unique Speech Trainer which is able to analyze the pronunciation of an individual learner, set up a unique plan, and provide targeted practice to improve specific pronunciation needs. Burlington English also includes robust dialogue and role play activities which help students improve their listening and speaking fluency and skills. CASAS endorses Burlington English’s blended learning approach that integrates facilitated classroom instruction with additional student online learning opportunities.

WHY: From the beginning Burlington English systematically built their courses for adult English language learners (ELL) in the U.S. using the CASAS Competencies and CASAS Content Standards as frameworks for development. Hence, there is a very close alignment between what Burlington English covers in their instructional materials and the CASAS Competencies and Content Standards which are foundations of CASAS assessments. For programs that serve ELL learners, the CASAS and Burlington English partnership is intended to be useful for programs using CASAS assessments.

Like CASAS, Burlington English values providing data via locally generated reports to help guide instruction and monitor learner progress. Each organization complements the other’s mission – to improve the skills and abilities of adult ELL learners.


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