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The Need

Employers seek workers with strong basic skills to work smart and grow on the job.

The Solution

CASAS eWORKs. Document and develop employer-validated academic and soft skills and facilitate transition to the workforce using CASAS eTests, Teacher Portal and Student Portal.

The Process

The CASAS eWORKs is a three-step process.

Step 1 Assess, Profile and Certify a person’s existing Skills.

Use internationally recognized and validated work-related academic and soft skills assessments to create a Workforce Skills Profile which certifies the current skills demonstrated by the candidate. 

Step 2 Develop Skills.

Use easy-to-read learner-level reports to focus on work-related academic skills, soft skills, and competencies employers are looking for.

Step 3 Certify Improved Skills.

Award a Workforce Skills Certificate to document to employers that a candidate has the high-level skills needed to succeed and move up the career ladder. Profiles and certificates can be used to show progress toward milestones.

The Skills

Academic Skills

CASAS eWORKs measures Reading and Math skills using content from common work settings.

Soft Skills

CASAS eWORKs measures the following effective workplace behaviors (soft skills) using industry-validated video-based simulations that present realistic work-based scenarios.

  • Personal Qualities – integrity, responsibility, self-esteem, self-management, sociability
  • Customer Care – customer relations, decision-making, commitment to quality

CASAS eWORKs also includes tools to assess critical thinking and problem solving skills with multiple-choice test items and short written essays by having candidates respond to industry-based scenarios.

In addition, CASAS eWORKs includes an Employer Needs Survey you can use to learn what skills are valued by your local employers and to match their needs with your students’ skills.

What makes CASAS eWORKs different?

  1. Students don’t take more reading or math tests. If you are already using CASAS tests, then eWORKs is a simple add on.
  2. The soft skills assessments are objective, research-based and industry-validated, not self-assessments where the user identifies his own strengths and weaknesses.
  3. No training or certification needed.
  4. Includes a business survey you can use to learn what skills are valued by your local employers and match their needs with your students skills.

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