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Product Overviews: Assessments

Get on-target results with CASAS assessments and resources! Our products are time saving, easy to use, and cost effective.

Measure skills and report progress easily and effectively with CASAS

Use one system to serve all learners (English language learners, ABE learners, high school diploma candidates, potential and incumbent employees) with assessments that meet your needs and goals. Serve learners with special needs, including those with intellectual and learning disabilities, with a wide range of accommodation materials and guidelines.

Measure multiple skills including reading, listening, math, writing, speaking.

Focus on Learners

  • Relevant test items focus on real-life skills and competencies, such as paychecks, bills, and resumes
  • Save time! One seamless CASAS eTests event combines locator and pretest
  • Questions are appropriate for ability level – eliminate testing that is too easy or too difficult
  • Learners receive feedback immediately with CASAS eTests

Focus on Instructors

  • Easy-to-administer tests (paper-and-pencil, computer-delivered, and Web-delivered)
  • Automatic, local scoring provides immediate results
  • Accurate results make student placement and measuring learning gains easy
  • Detailed reports show specific instructional needs
  • Free, unlimited access to QuickSearch Online helps teachers find instructional materials

Focus on Your Program

  • NRS approved
  • Export results to your state or local MIS system

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