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California State Reports and Research Briefs

As a research organization, CASAS is continually developing new methods for evaluating and using data related to adult learning in the classroom and at the workplace. These efforts include ongoing development of computer-based assessment strategies, certification tests, and Internet-based applications that will allow users to access local, state, and national databases to support their individual needs.

In addition, CASAS continues to conduct and contribute to research studies in a variety of contexts to ensure that our methods and assessments meet the highest standards of reliability and validity. Documentation of these efforts primarily takes the form of evaluative reports illustrating key characteristics of adult education programs in California as well as learning progress and goal attainment of program participants. These studies provide critical information needed to inform the development of effective curriculum and pedagogical practices as well as a means through which student progress and achievement can be documented.

The reports and research briefs available on the left side bar include evaluation reports of California adult education programs and individual learner level reports of adult learners' literacy skills, learning progress, and achieved learning outcomes.

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