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We’re Going Online!


With our desire to keep every person safe and healthy, we are planning an online Summer Institute for 2021.

Join us to hear from leaders in adult education and workforce development, attend informative training workshops geared to your needs, and dig deep to exchange successful practices and explore new possibilities in adult education. A challenging economy and a relentless pandemic necessitate that we all work together more than ever to provide access to educational and economic opportunities for the most-in-need and hardest-to-serve youth and adults.

The Institute will offer a strong array of informative workshops, valuable training sessions, and engaging speakers focusing on the issues of most concern in adult education. This is the opportunity to hear from leaders in our field and for online groups to brainstorm together.

Plan for a unique experience in 2021. Learn how to conduct online testing with CASAS eTests. Find out what you need to know about remote testing. Discover how to use the data that you collect for program improvement and student success. Hear about practical strategies to improve program and learner outcomes and so much more!

The 2021 Summer Institute promises to be energizing, enlightening, and motivating. We want to see you online in 2021!

Stay tuned for forthcoming details.

Discover, Connect, Advance!

The CASAS Summer Institute is always exciting, enlightening, and motivating. The Institute continues to be the nation’s leading professional development event for adult educators and training professionals.

Join us in 2021 and hear from leaders in adult education and workforce development. Exchange ideas and best practices as we work together to increase educational and economic opportunities for our nation’s most-in-need and hardest-to-serve youth and adults. 

Interactive sessions, workshops, and panel discussions offer in-depth instruction and leading-edge technical training to enhance your professional growth. The knowledge you gain is a substantial return on investment that benefits both you and your entire organization.

More Reasons to Attend the Online Summer Institute 2021!

  • Explore the many features of online testing with CASAS eTests
  • Discover how to best use data to ensure program improvement and learner success
  • Gain innovative and comprehensive practical strategies focused on improving learning outcomes
  • Learn about integrated education and training co-enrollment models that accelerate learning and achieve success outcomes

Who Should Attend the Summer Institute?

  • Educators (administrators, coordinators, instructors, support staff)
  • Workforce development professionals
  • Business and industry representatives
  • State-level personnel (adult education directors and other state-level professionals)


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