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Harbor House, California

U.S. History and Cultures Class

Harbor House has developed an extremely innovative EL Civics curriculum to teach students about US History. This curriculum includes creative activities that engage adult learners and make EL Civics lessons more applicable to their lives. Students study the history of the United States using children’s literature and quilt making, focusing on immigration and the US immigrant experience. The goal of this project is to go above and beyond learning basic English skills, and to build connections between the life stories of students and those of their neighbors.

New Haven Adult School, California

Windows into Culture

The Windows into Culture activity enables students to learn from each other by showcasing their cultures through songs, dances, skits, monologues, and a fashion show of traditional costumes. Windows into Culture is a comprehensive program in which EL Civics students learn more about their own cultures and the cultures of fellow students. The Windows into Culture show is the culminating activity of this EL Civics curriculum, and the entire school is involved in the preparation and execution of the event.

San Diego Community College District, Continuing Education Division, California

Immigrant Rights Program

San Diego CCD created an innovative immigrant rights program in order to address the need among students to learn about what to do when faced with difficult immigration issues. Students learned about their rights if stopped and asked about immigration status, and gathered information about community resources designed to help the immigrant population. Students created directories of social services, and shared these directories with the rest of the school and the outside community.

Ventura Adult and Community Education, California

Channel Islands Restoration Project

Ventura Adult and Continuing Education reached a new height for field trips with the Channel Islands Restoration Project. Fifteen EL Civics students participated in a four-day field trip to Santa Cruz Island to assist the Channel Islands Restoration (CIR) personnel at the University of California at Santa Barbara field station. EL Civics students planned the trip and shared their experiences with the community.

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