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CASAS Handbooks for Teachers in California

The CASAS Handbooks for Teachers are training and resource guides that provide ESL and ABE/ASE teachers with an overview of CASAS, the testing process, and the WIOA Title II requirements for California agencies. The handbooks provide teachers with information on how to use the CASAS system to help fulfill state-mandated requirements and assists in improving programs by giving teachers the tools they need to help students achieve their goals.

The Handbooks are an interactive tool. Teachers will locate and document site-specific information, such as from whom to get TOPSpro reports, when paperwork is due and contact information for key staff. Teachers also will complete practice activities on using student and class reports to target instruction. Training and support documents will help you implement this handbook at your agency.

CASAS Handbook for ESL Teachers

CASAS ESL Handbooks for TeachersPDF3.12 MB Download
PowerPoint Presentation Staff Training ESL Teachers HandbookPPT6.63 MB Download
ESL Suggested Presentation Logistics and List of HandoutsPDF74.83 KB Download
ESL Needs AssessmentPDF74.88 KB Download
ESL Warm-Up Activity DirectionsPDF70.87 KB Download
ESL Warm-Up Activity MaterialsPDF123.65 KB Download


CASAS Handbook for ABE/ASE Teachers

ABE ASE Handbooks for TeachersPDF2.57 MB Download
ABE ASE Suggested Presentation Logistics and List of HandoutsPDF75.16 KB Download
ABE ASE Needs AssessmentPDF99.29 KB Download
ABE ASE Warm-Up Activity DirectionsPDF293.04 KB Download
ABE ASE Warm-Up Activity MaterialsPDF234.13 KB Download

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