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About NEDP

The program covers many areas of learning well. I was able to apply my life experience while working through the tasks, which I found a fair way to access my knowledge. It motivated me to explore more information while searching for the required data during exercises.

  • A high school diploma program for adults and out-of-school youth that incorporates hands-on learning to prove high school-level skills.
  • The NEDP changes lives - nearly 80 percent of NEDP graduate survey respondents agreed that the NEDP helped them in their job. 
  • This flexible, self-directed program allows participants to engage in activities that have real-world relevance. If you have ever
    • interviewed for a job
    • rented or owned a home
    • searched online
    • voted
    • compared products
    • opened a bank account
    • the NEDP could be right for you!
  • Offers assessment accommodations for those with documented disabilities
  • Usually completed in six to nine months

The NEDP is a good combination of the everyday living and educational skills needed in today’s world.

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