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A note to postsecondary institutions:

NEDP graduates, similar to GED graduates, do not present a traditional high school transcript when they apply to post-secondary institutions. However, it is important to point out that the National External Diploma Program must be approved by state and local boards of education (or local diploma granting agencies) in states where this program is available. Currently the NEDP is approved as a high school diploma option in ten states. The diploma itself must be identical in all material respects and must confer all the rights, privileges, and benefits of a high school diploma customarily awarded to students who successfully complete the current high school curriculum requirements.

These students are usually:

  • Somewhat older with more life and work experiences
  • Able to manage their family, work, and civic responsibilities as well as college work
  • Self-directed and willing to do whatever it takes to complete their college goals
  • Credentialed through alternative means (by high school level portfolio assessment)

The vast majority of U.S. colleges, universities and other post-secondary institutions have policies that permit the admission of students who do not have a traditional high school diploma. Of those admitted many have completed the GED or met entrance requirements through examinations. Your institution may also receive interest from individuals who have earned their high school diploma through the NEDP program. The original model for the National External Diploma Program was developed in New York and validated in 1979 by the Joint Dissemination and Review Panel of the U.S. Department of Education.

For further information about NEDP graduates or if you think you would like to offer the NEDP at your agency, please contact us.

If you have adults who might benefit and you would like to refer them to an existing NEDP program, visit our list of NEDP current locations.

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