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Field Testing Opportunities


CASAS conducts ongoing studies that use field-based collaborative efforts to develop effective assessment, evaluation, and program resources. CASAS conducts several research projects each year that provide opportunities for programs to participate in field testing activities.

Field testing builds students’ test-taking confidence, is an informal evaluation of students’ work, and contributes to field-based research and evaluation.

What does field testing involve?

Cost to Agency:
No cost. CASAS provides all testing and shipping materials.

Staff requirements:
Clerical staff and/or professional staff time is needed for test administration, but there are no requirements apart from the agency's already established testing routines. Depending on your location, our staff may be able to assist your site with test administration.

Time Requirements:
From 1 to 1.5 hours, depending on the test. Teachers are asked to administer the test to the correct class level within a set time frame (a one to two-week period).

How can I participate in field testing?

If you are interested in field testing, please email

ABE Reading 

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