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CASAS Approved by OVAE for ABE, ASE, and ESL Programs

CASAS Approved by OVAE for ABE, ASE, and ESL Programs

The US Department of Education, Office of Vocational and Adult Education, Recognizes CASAS Reading, Math, Listening, and Writing Assessments

For decades education and workforce training providers have relied on CASAS for one comprehensive assessment system that meets all their state ABE, ASE, and ESL program needs.

CASAS tests approved for all instructional levels based on the latest NRS review process.

Let the CASAS System Work For You!

  • Tests aligned to all NRS Educational Functioning Levels
  • CASAS reading approved for three program areas: ABE, ASE, and ESL/ELL
  • Choice of test series to target specific workforce or everyday life contexts
  • Tests targeted to students’ instructional levels
  • Comprehensive data management to track student progress
  • More than 100 reports to help inform instruction, to improve programs, and to report NRS Federal Tables
  • Multiple test-delivery options: paper-based, computer-based, and Web-based
  • Cost-effective!

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