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You need to do more than just collect data. You need to use data to prepare learners to master skills, to incorporate content standards into your curriculum, and to meet state and federal requirements. TOPSpro Enterprise takes data analysis, continuous improvement and reporting to a new dimension.

  • Confidently address WIOA Title I and Title II accountability requirements
  • Quickly access actionable reports with drill-down capability
  • Readily define, identify and monitor hot spots using customized dashboard indicators
  • Accurately target instruction
  • Flexibly choose local installation or access your data via the Internet

Take Data Analysis, Continuous Improvement and Reporting to a New Dimension

Use Comprehensive Data for Analysis   
The key is effective planning. Use TOPSpro Enterprise to get a complete performance picture. All stakeholders– from student and instructor to state education or workforce director – benefit from longitudinal performance information needed to make effective decisions that improve learning, teaching and training.

Customize and Organize Data
The key is easy access. Choose from predefined reports or customize your own reports for easy and comprehensive data analysis. Clear and logical menus make it easy for you to access your data via local installation or the internet.

Target Assistance
The key is quick identification. Identify learners and programs that need help and develop strategies for improvement. The ability to focus on at-risk individuals or groups takes TOPSpro Enterprise beyond the standard data reporting tool.

Improve Programs
The key is actionable strategies. Compare learner groups, analyze program-wide performance and easily drill down to individual learner data to focus on instruction and curriculum revision with a positive impact.

Monitor Progress
The key is dashboard indicators. Visualize data the most meaningful way and quickly assess impact of introduced interventions with your own customizable dashboard indicators.

Get Meaningful Information
The key is reliability. Meet state and NRS requirements by generating real-time reports at the individual, program, and state levels.

Data Entry Options

  • Manual scoring and entry of scores into TOPSpro Enterprise
  • CASAS eTests Online automatically scores and simultaneously captures test results in TE Online Database
  • Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) scanners
    • Insight 20
    • Insight 4ES
    • Insight 30
    • OpScan 4ES
    • OpScan 3/4/5/6/7/8
    • Scantron 2000 and 8000 series


Install and launch TE Client at

Resources and Training

The Help Documentation will assist you in learning more about data entry, data exchange, reports and other useful features.


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