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How will I demonstrate the skills I have in the NEDP?

You can demonstrate your skills in practical ways. For example, you might

  • Read and analyze a short story and film
  • Analyze a household budget and identify ways to save money
  • Develop a presentation about your community’s natural resources
  • Write a consumer complaint letter
  • Analyze a science issue in the news and how it affects our lives

Can my job and home experience help satisfy the requirements?

Yes. As part of your participation in NEDP, you will need to demonstrate that you have either a job skill, specialized skill, or advanced academic skill. You can demonstrate these skills through

  • a current occupation or trade
  • home management experience
  • advanced academic skills
  • training in a new field

Will I get a "real" diploma, and can I use it to go to college?

Yes! Your local school board or state education department will issue the diploma. You may then apply to any college, just like any other high school graduate. Remember, colleges have varying admissions standards to which all applicants must adhere, regardless of where they obtain their diploma.

How long does it take to complete the NEDP?

Most participants complete the program in approximately six (6) to nine (9) months. Your skill level and the amount of time you can devote to the program determine the length of time needed to finish.

What are the characteristics of successful NEDP participants?

The NEDP is ideal for those who

  • are self-directed
  • want recognition of their learning and employment experiences
  • prefer to demonstrate their knowledge in practical ways

How is the NEDP different from a traditional high school?

The NEDP is designed especially for those with life experience because it is

  • self-paced
  • confidential
  • conducted by trained practitioners in one-on-one, face-to-face appointments

The NEDP offers participants

  • flexible scheduling
  • the ability to choose their instructional resources
  • the opportunity to achieve mastery without required classroom time

Where can I find an NEDP program near me?

View the complete list of NEDP Agencies.

Individuals who need to brush up on their reading and math skills can locate and access an adult education program through the National Literacy Directory.

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