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NEDP Testing Accommodations

I had a learning disability . . . and so I always found myself learning at a lesser pace so school wasn’t interesting to me. I didn’t like it . . . After 45 years of not going to school, I felt proud, I felt complete, and I felt achieved. . . The program has allowed me to succeed.

In accordance with the ADA Amendments of 2008, the NEDP offers accommodations for those with disabilities. Assessment accommodations provide an opportunity for all clients to demonstrate their true skills and ability.

To receive accommodations for the NEDP, you need to be enrolled in an agency which offers the NEDP. To find a program nearest you please visit the NEDP website locations page.

The agency coordinator will then submit to CASAS an NEDP Request for Assessment Accommodations Form, based on documentation of disability submitted by you (the client) to the NEDP local agency coordinator. The agency coordinator and the applicant requesting the accommodation must sign the NEDP Request for Assessment Accommodations Form and submit to CASAS before the review process can begin. Accommodation Requests must be submitted prior to beginning the diagnostic testing phase of the NEDP. The accommodations apply to the Diagnostic Phase as well as the Generalized Assessment Phase.

Typical accommodations for learning disabilities can include the following:

  • extra time
  • simple four-function calculator
  • break during testing session
  • computer-based testing screen reader

Nancy’s NEDP Testimonial

NEDP graduate Nancy talks about her experience completing the NEDP at the Mercy Learning Center.

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