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Curriculum Management & Instruction

Curriculum Management and Instruction

How can you use CASAS to help youth and adult learners become functionally competent members of their community, their family, and the workforce?

Meet learner, community, and program needs and fulfill federal, state, and local reporting requirements by incorporating CASAS Competencies and Content Standards into your curriculum and instruction. Critical competencies built into the CASAS assessment system provide:

  • Instructional objectives for curriculum
  • Direct links to test content for monitoring student learning
  • Criteria for program evaluation
  • Referencing system for instructional materials

Framed in contexts learners encounter in everyday situations, CASAS tests measure basic reading, math, listening, speaking, and writing skills.

  • Interpret assessment results and target instruction with manual or TOPSpro reports
  • Identify materials that target specific learning needs with QuickSearch. This resource correlates more than 2,300 commercially available print, audio, visual and computer-based instructional materials to CASAS Competencies, CASAS test series, and instructional levels.
Assessment is the foundation of learning and teaching. Not only do we need to know what students learn but how our teaching is affecting their learning. If no progress is made then there needs to be a change in the instruction! ~ a post in the CASAS Forum

Use these resources to create a dynamic, customized instructional program specifically tailored to match your learners' profiles!

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