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Curriculum Management and Instruction

Curriculum-Managment-Instruction-2019The Need: Participation

To help adult educators plan curriculum and instruction that helps their students achieve success with their career and personal goals

The Solution: Our Resources

Resources that create a dynamic and customized instructional program based on test results and tailored to your students!

Critical CASAS Content Standards and CASAS Competencies built into the CASAS assessment system:

  • provide instructional objectives for curriculum development
  • align with national standards and competencies
  • are measured in CASAS assessments
  • are referenced in CASAS test result reports

CASAS tests measure basic reading, math, listening, speaking, and writing skills in everyday contexts. Test results allow you to:

  • target instruction using computerized reports in TOPSpro Enterprise software or hard-copy reports in Test Administration Manuals.
  • identify materials that target learning needs using QuickSearch. This online resource correlates more than 2,800 commercially available print, audio, visual, and computer-based instructional materials to CASAS Competencies, test series, and your students’ instructional levels.

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