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CASAS Competencies

The CASAS Competencies get adobe reader along with the CASAS Content Standards form the basis of the CASAS integrated assessment and curriculum management system.

The CASAS Competencies identify more than 360 essential life skills that youth and adults need to be functionally competent members of their community, their family, and the workforce.

The CASAS Content Standards identify the underlying reading, listening, and math basic skills at specific proficiency levels that should be taught in the context of CASAS Competencies.

The competencies are relevant across the full range of instructional levels, from beginning literacy through high school completion including transition to postsecondary education and training.
They cover nine broad content areas:CASAS Competencies

  • Basic Communication
  • Community Resources
  • Consumer Economics
  • Health
  • Employment
  • Government and Law
  • Math
  • Learning and Thinking Skills
  • Independent Living

These critical competencies provide instructional objectives for curriculum, direct links to test content for monitoring student learning, criteria for program evaluation, and a referencing system for instructional materials. Based on field research – which began in 1980 – and recommendations from education providers, learners, business and industry representatives, and community-based agencies, the competencies have been regularly updated and validated at state and national levels. Studies conducted in several states show strong, direct links between CASAS competencies and learner needs. CASAS is a standards-based system that has been and will continue to be correlated to national and state-level standards.

Using CASAS competencies in curriculum, assessment, and instruction

CASAS assessments measure the attainment of basic reading, math, listening, speaking, and writing skills in contexts that learners would expect to encounter in everyday situations. Assessment results provide feedback to learners and instructors to target further instruction. Incorporating CASAS Competencies and Content Standards into curriculum and using the CASAS assessment system can help adult education programs better meet learner, community and program needs and fulfill federal, state and local reporting requirements.

The CASAS resource QuickSearch lists more than 2,300 print, audio, visual and computer-based instructional materials, and correlates them to the CASAS Competencies. Through the competencies, educators and trainers can identify curriculum materials that target specific learning needs at appropriate instructional levels.

Note Regarding Recent Changes to the CASAS Competencies

The competencies recently underwent major revalidation and revision. Competency areas that have been expanded or added include education, financial literacy, health and medical information, media literacy, and technology. CASAS users who coded materials or curriculum to the 2003 competencies and who wish to see a complete listing of old-to-new competency correlations may access the document Correlation of CASAS Competencies – Version 2003 to Version 2008 get adobe reader.

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