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Let QuickSearch Online ease planning!

QuickSearch Online is a no-cost easy-to-use database of instructional resources coded to skill levels, skill areas, and CASAS Competencies. QuickSearch is your link between testing and instruction.

  • Facilitate curriculum development!
  • Target instruction based on test results!
  • Simplify lesson planning!

CASAS tests measure reading, math, listening, speaking, and writing skills in contexts of everyday situations. Test results provide feedback to target instruction. Through the competencies, educators and trainers can identify curriculum materials that target specific needs at appropriate instructional levels.

QuickSearch Online lists print, audio, visual and computer-based instructional materials and correlates them to CASAS Competencies by instructional level, type of learner, mode of instruction, and links to selected pre- and post assessments.

By using our system and incorporating CASAS Competencies and Content Standards into your curriculum, your program can meet learner and program needs and fulfill federal, state, and local reporting requirements.

Practitioners and curriculum specialists review all materials contained in QuickSearch.

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