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1199 Training Fund in Hartford, CT graduate

1199 Training Fund in Hartford, CT graduate

Connecticut – Samantha graduated in June 2016 with the 1199 Training Fund in Hartford, CT. She is continuing her education to become a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) and then hopes to become a Registered Nurse. Congratulations Samantha!

Samantha completed NEDP in June 2016 with the 1199 Training Fund/Adult Education Center in Hartford

June 2016

I must first give thanks to God for His awesomeness in my life on the journey to achieving my high school diploma. It was not an easy task but one I had to challenge. I have lived in America for a little over two years now, and as a single mother with only a grade nine level education, I knew I had to better myself educationally in order to better financially support myself and my daughter. It was always my desire to go back to school, but financially it was not easy. I want to say many thanks to my co-worker, Denise, who introduced me to the 1199 Training Fund NEDP program, and many, many thanks to 1199 Training Fund for providing such a great opportunity in helping us start educationally towards a better future. The journey in obtaining a high school diploma is not an easy one, but with hard work, determination and dedication you will succeed. There were times I felt like I could not make it, but many thanks to Laurie Tishler and Marg Korhonen who through rain or snow, were there encouraging me. Their belief in me gave me the determination to go on. Today I am proud to say I have obtained my high school diploma, and I am now on my way to nursing school. Thanks 1199 Training Fund for making my dream come true.

September 2016 update

I am now enrolled in LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) school and plan to graduate in October 2017! After that, I hope to go on for my RN (Registered Nurse) degree. I am passing all of my exams and I couldn’t have done this before the work that I completed in NEDP. Working on the computer in NEDP helped prepare me for my LPN schoolwork. It has helped me write papers on line and also take exams on the computer.


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