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Staying competitive in a global economy means having the right workers with the right skills

The Need: Entry-Level Workers With the Skills to Move Up

The National Institute for Literacy estimates that businesses lose more than $60 billion in productivity each year due to employees' basic skill deficiencies.  A skilled workforce is essential to a company's success.

  • Increase job productivity and employee retention
  • Reduce conflict and tension on the job
  • Reduce expenses for recruiting and training

You need workers with strong basic skills to work smart and grow on the job. You will invest in job candidates and employees with the potential to learn independently, benefit from training, take on new responsibilities, and move up the career ladder.

  • In- and out-of-school high school level students preparing to enter the workforce
  • Adults transitioning to employment
  • Adults reentering the workforce
  • Incumbent workers documenting their skills

How do you know if these candidates have the right skills for the job?

The Solution: Assessments that document the right skills, right now

Use CASAS assessments to find the right workers with the right skills for the job.

  • Identify skill gaps
  • Establish baseline skill levels of benchmark employees
  • Document specific and effective workplace behaviors and job-related skills
  • Focus instructional recommendations and document progress

See how other businesses are using CASAS to help find the right workers with the right skills for the job. 

Choose employees that will succeed at your business! Resources to help you find the right workers, right now:

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