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The Need: Increasing literacy levels

Forbes reports that a September 2020 Gallup study conducted for the Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy shows that alarming rates of low-level literacy could be costing the country up to $2.2 trillion each year. See

As an adult educator, you continually go all-out to provide the best outcomes for those most in need. You:

  • Provide instruction and never-ending support
  • Use every resource to meet student and program goals
  • Energize all students to maximize their potential
  • Prepare students for postsecondary education and the workforce
  • Meet accountability requirements to document progress

The Solution: Assessment that focuses on real-life competencies and meets student needs

Our staff, many of whom come from adult education teaching, are truly eager to help you and your program to:

I have so many students in my class who have tried and failed at a learning center. Sometimes when they enter my class, they feel helpless and defeated. CASAS changes the way they learn. CASAS gives MEANING to learning because it uses everyday situations that students can apply to life. It's truly a wonderful program! ~ Lucy from Kansas

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