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Graduate Shared Her Learning Path

My Learning Path with NEDP

Miran Oporto, NEDP GraduateI made several attempts to obtain my high school diploma. There was not sufficient time for me to complete my education for many reasons. For example, my work schedule was inflexible and my commute time was an impediment. In my search for online class options, I found the NEDP program.

There were some challenges from the beginning because of my foreign schooling and my absence from the classroom for many years. Additionally, I had limited computer skills, but I was able to improve my computer literacy and skills with additional books. After an unanticipated layoff, I was unable to enter the workforce without high school education completion. I always wanted to go college, which has the same requirement as well.

After finishing the NEDP, I learned how to represent myself and the value that I bring to the workforce by articulating my skill set. The self-worth generated in the program gave me more confidence in handling challenges and continuing my learning path toward reaching  my goal of a college education. As  I progressed through the program,  I  observed many other Spanish and other non-native language speakers getting the opportunity to fulfill an educational goal and  bringing a positive experience to others in the community.

If I know people who are thinking about completing their high school education, I will encourage each one of them to pursue the NEDP. I hope others will have the opportunity to participate in such a program that created a path to success for me.

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