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Jennifer’s educational journey comes full circle

Jennifer, an upbeat and curious person, learned about the NEDP from her advisor. He thought, given her learning style and test scores, that the NEDP was her best high school diploma option. At first, the work required for the NEDP seemed overwhelming and as if it would take forever, but time flew by! Jennifer said “Staying motivated and believing that you can get through all the workbooks can be very challenging.” However, she persevered and in the words of NEDP staff “transformed from a shy, introverted girl who struggled with self-confidence and couldn’t imagine what the future might hold for her to a strong, determined, and self-assured colleague.” Jennifer continued her education in college.

Upon graduation, Jennifer returned to the West Hartford Adult Education as an educational aid. She is often the first staff member new students meet when beginning their studies, and is committed to assisting students reach their fullest potential. She is now enrolled in a master’s degree program in social work and would like to have her own private practice. She recommends to those interested in the NEDP – it feels remarkable, “START TODAY! Having my high school diploma has given me many opportunities.”

Jennifer, we look forward to reading that you opened your own private social work practice. Good luck!


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