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Overcoming the Challenge of the Remote Testing Process

Our department struggled with testing students remotely while using CASAS eTests. Many of our students do not have reliable internet connections or computers. I was also relatively new to the testing process so that made navigation of the system extremely difficult for me. I was able to participate in the CASAS remote test takers pilot program which gave me the skills I needed. I had support from so many CASAS employees during that process. Each person was very helpful and caring with each issue that I presented. They were able to work with me in groups and in one-on-one sessions. I have been able to successfully remote test many of our students using the 1:1 remote method and allowing students to use their Windows or Mac laptops. So far, we have successfully tested almost all of our summer term students. We have made plans to test all of our fall term students and we are working on processes to make testing safe for staff and students.

Columbia Gorge Community College, OR.

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