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The NEDP Receives Recognition from OCTAE’s Advancing Innovation in Adult Education Project

CASAS is pleased to announce that the NEDP has been featured by the U.S. Department of Education Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education (OCTAE) as an innovator in the Advancing Innovation in Adult Education project. The OCTAE five-year project is to identify and highlight innovative practices in adult education that lead to improved outcomes. We are pleased to announce that the NEDP was featured as an innovative practice in conjunction with the Mercy Learning Center’s (Bridgeport, Connecticut) implementation of the program in a Showcase Webinar held September 22, 2020. Read more about the Gallery of Practices here.

The project solicited applications for Round 1 last fall and the Mercy Learning Center, working with Sue Pierson, Connecticut State Director of Adult Education, Education Consultant, submitted an application. The NEDP comes under the category of a “substantially enhanced” innovative practice.

Congratulations Mercy Learning Center! We are honored that you value the NEDP as much as we do.

View the Showcase Webinar here. To view the NEDP presentation at Mercy Learning Center, begin at 28:07.

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