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Promising Practice: Digital Literacy/Distance Learning

These programs use technology in innovative and effective ways, including using distance learning to provide services to students who would not normally have access.

Distance Learning Off-site Video Libraries

Promising Practice

San Juan Adult Education’s Distance Learning program is able to serve adult students that would not otherwise be able to access adult education opportunities. This program is an effective way for students with varying schedules and commitments to be able to get the counseling, resources, and instruction necessary to succeed academically.

Agency Awarded: San Juan USD Adult Education, 2011

Summary Description of Project:

The Distance Learning Program at Howe Avenue Elementary School directly addresses the need for flexible adult education options that are accessible and convenient for students.  Because San Juan USD covers 75 square miles and is an extremely diverse community, additional outreach resources using innovative technology were needed. A Parent Resource Center at the Howe Elementary School campus was opened to address this need. The Resource Center includes a video library, and provides a convenient meeting and study place for adult learners. Adult students also meet with a teacher regularly to discuss progress, turn in work, and check out new packets and DVDs.

Evaluation Process/Results:

San Juan USD Adult Education evaluates this program by reviewing attendance rates, and gathering feedback from participating students. This method of distance learning instruction has allowed San Juan USD adult students to continue to receive ESL instruction despite large budget cuts. Since the Howe Elementary site opened, there has been an increase in parent participation at the school. San Juan USD Adult Education has been able to reach those who may have previously been unable to access services, and has also exceeded state performance for all ESL levels for the past two years.

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