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Promising Practices: Program Management

These programs have created efficient methods for student intake, assessment, data collection or reporting allowing for more focused instruction.

  • ESL Communities of Practice (CoP)

    Communities of Practice bring teachers together to engage in collective learning, to improve student learning outcomes. These professional development communities target specific needs within the agency, and come up with practical strategies to improve the agency as a whole. (Napa Valley Adult School)

  • ESL Intake and Orientation

    This program has implemented an effective and efficient ESL orientation process in which they are able to register, assess, and place students all within a two-and-a-half hour period. (San Leandro Adult School)

  • ESL Orientation/Success Class

    The ESL Orientation/Success Class provides the necessary orientation, support and goal-setting required to help ESL students persist in adult education programs. (Sacramento City USD, Florin Technology Center)

  • ESL Retention Task Force

    The ESL Retention Task Force reviews and discusses research related to ESL student retention. The agency started the task force in response to low ESL student retention rates, loss of WIA II funding (due to difficulty obtaining paired scores given low retention rates), and a lack of students moving up through the ESL instructional levels. (Santa Barbara Community College District)

  • Managing ABE & ASE Testing Through Accurate Reporting

    This system for student registration and assessment has led to a systematic increase in paired test scores and proper student placement. (Los Angeles USD: Abram Friedman Occupation Center)

  • Managing Managed Enrollment at Burbank Adult School

    This program has a comprehensive managed enrollment program, which includes structured enrollment and registration, pre-set class schedules, orientation and goal-setting for all entering students, improvements for all multi-level classes, and a structured assessment system. (Burbank Adult School)

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