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Promising Practices: EL Civics

EL Civics COAPPS and assessments provide effective lessons to help students become productive and successful members of the community. EL Civics lessons make citizenship and civic engagement interesting and attainable. 

  • Beat the Banker Money Management Competition

    "The Money Management Competition" incorporates financial literacy education so that it was relevant to a student's life outside of the classroom. (The English Center)

  • Citizenship Preparation Program – Citizenship Recognition

    This Citizenship Preparation Program is an incredibly successful program that provides comprehensive support and resources to students in order for them to obtain citizenship. (Sutter County Library)

  • EL Civics Program Improvements

    Lompoc created a rigorous ESL curriculum integrating Common Core Standards, and restructured the school’s learning environment to provide clear, articulated and goal-oriented transitions from level to level. (Lompoc Unified Adult Education)

  • Mock Elections: Involving Students in the Political System

    In order to tap into the excitement about the Presidential election as well as teach students about the electoral process, this program created a unique curriculum for their 8-week Community English classes. (The English Center)

  • Transitions to Secondary Education

    Poway Adult School’s Transitions Class prepares ESL students for transition into ABE and ASE courses through intensive math, reading and writing instruction.

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