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Promising Practices: Guidance/Student Support

Programs provide counseling and other services to help students achieve their goals.

Vocational Business Skills Certificates

Promising Practice: Rancho Santiago CCD provides a very comprehensive counseling and guidance program specifically catered to students in the vocational certification programs. These students receive individualized attention, and are given the guidance necessary to succeed in the vocational program and in their future careers.

Agency Awarded: Rancho Santiago Community College District: Santa Ana College of Continuing Education, 2011

Summary Description of Project:

Santa Ana College School of Continuing Education combines intensive counseling and student support with its vocational business certification programs. The counseling greatly helps the students to form educational plans and meet numerous goals on their way to obtaining vocational certificates in areas such as customer service and administrative assistance. A counselor is assigned to the Business Skills Lab where he or she meets individually with students to create an educational plan and discuss students’ progress. Counselors continuously follow up with students throughout the program. This one-on-one guidance greatly helps students to know exactly what they need to do in order to achieve a vocational certificate and obtain meaningful employment.

Evaluation Process/Results:

The Vocational Business Skills Certificate program is successful in that it directly addresses the need of students for skills that will help them enter into career pathways. It is estimated that approximately 40% of participants complete one or more vocational certificates. Students have reacted positively towards the Vocational Business Skill Certificate Programs at Santa Ana and have shown interest in other state-approved certificate programs. Santa Ana College is in the process of developing curriculum for more certificate programs, thus creating more opportunities for adult learners.

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