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Promising Practices: Integrated Education Training/IELCE

These programs highlight ways in which vocational instruction can be combined with English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction to streamline the adult education experience.

I-BEST Model Applied to VESL Personal Care Assistant/Caregiver Class

Promising Practice: San Diego CCD’s use of the I-BEST model in its VESL Personal Care Assistant class has successfully integrated vocational training and Vocational ESL instruction. This class creates a strong pathway for students to enter the health care field.

Agency Awarded: San Diego Community College District, 2010

Summary Description of Project:

San Diego CCD created a Personal Care Assistant/Caregiver Class based on the I-BEST model of instruction. Students receive Vocational ESL (VESL) instruction and vocational training at the same time, which provides a more focused curriculum designed to transition students into the workforce or continued education. This class was created due to a high demand in the community for Personal Care Assistants. San Diego CCD decided to follow the I-BEST model, used in Washington State, in order to eliminate the need for students to attend a VESL course before the vocational training course. This class is team-taught by both a VESL instructor and a vocational instructor. They work in tandem to introduce concepts and language to the students, and then use those new language skills to learn practical application of the concepts. Students have both hands-on training to prepare them for the workplace as well as intensive curriculum to understand all of the material. This class creates a bridge for ESL students to enter the health care field, and ensures that they are prepared for the workplace.

Evaluation Process/Results:

The original class was taught in the Fall of 2009, and had a beginning enrollment of 54 students. Of these students, 44 students completed the class and earned a certificate of completion, 11 students enrolled in a Certified Nursing Assistant class and will graduate in June, and at least 5 have secured employment as caregivers. San Diego CCD exceeded the 2008-09 California state persistence level of 58.0% with a level of 63.2%, and has shown improvement in student performance in ESL levels over the past three program years.

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