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Promising Practices: Accountability

These projects help to improve agency and student accountability through the effective use of data, assessments, and reporting.

Using CASAS Skill Level Descriptors with Students

Promising Practice: Asian-American Resource Center has implemented this successful system in order to help students understand the importance of CASAS assessments. The purpose of this project is for students to be more in control of their own education, and to understand how to use assessment results to track their progress and shape their classroom experiences.

Agency Awarded: Asian-American Resource Center, 2011

Summary Description of Project:

Asian American Resource Center has implemented a successful system that allows students to understand the importance of CASAS assessments. During the orientation process, each student is given the CASAS ESL Skill Level Descriptors to track their CASAS assessment scores. This is an effective procedure because students are informed about the importance of CASAS assessments and are motivated to track their own progress. They understand the purpose of the CASAS assessments and take responsibility for challenging themselves to improve. The administrative staff has developed a valuable information-sharing relationship with instructors to ensure they understand the importance of CASAS assessments and are aware of all resources available to them.

Evaluation Process/Results:

The agency extensively uses TOPSpro reports and student and class-level data to evaluate this practice. Reports such as Student Learning Gains and Student Test Summary are used by instructors and program coordinators. More importantly, this information is shared with students so that each individual is aware of how he or she is progressing. Since the implementation of these procedures, attendance has improved because students understand that attending classes helps them to increase their CASAS assessment scores. In addition, this agency met or exceeded the California state performance goals for all ESL levels in 2009-10.

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