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Promising Practices: Curriculum/Instruction

Agencies use curriculum and instruction in innovative and creative ways. Instructors use materials and resources to their fullest potential, leading to improved student performance and goal achievement.

Unlocking the Potential to Positive Student Engagement

Promising Practice: Beginning in the fall of 2010, the Corona-Norco Adult School English as a Second Language (ESL) Leadership Team sought to improve student performance outcomes by actively examining student engagement. The primary goals for improving student engagement in the classroom were to increase student persistence rates, increase student attendance hours and increase student outcomes. Corona-Norco implemented a number of programmatic changes to pursue this goal, including creating a level specific pacing guide, an objective observation checklist, and student feedback forms. This project has positively affected 35 classes and 1100 students and has increased persistence over the past two program years.

Agency awarded: Corona-Norco Adult School.

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