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Promising Practices: Outreach and Marketing

Programs exemplify ways in which adult education providers promote their services to students in need, and make connections within the community.

CCAE Meets the Inglewood Student Council

Promising Practice

Inglewood Adult School was able to send 5 students to the 2008 California Council for Adult Education (CCAE) Conference, giving them the opportunity to learn more about the adult education system and network with adult education providers. They learned a lot at the conference, and brought their new skills back to the Adult School’s Student Council.

Agency Awarded: Inglewood Adult School, 2010

Summary Description of Project:

In 2008, students from the Inglewood Student Council were given the unique opportunity to attend the California Council for Adult Education (CCAE) Conference to learn more about adult education issues. The members of Inglewood’s very active student council had expressed interest in knowing more about the management of the adult school, and were curious about conferences and professional development. When a WASC team suggested that the students attend the upcoming CCAE conference, the school arranged for 5 students to go. Before the conference, students went to an orientation and learned more about CCAE and professional conferences, and selected the sessions they wanted to attend. At the conference, the students participated fully, and were able to provide their valuable input during the sessions. They were particularly interested in talking with administrators from other agencies in order to learn more about how other adult schools operate. Their attendance was also valuable for the adult educators attending the conference, who were able to gather input from the students during sessions and discussions.

Evaluation Process/Results:

After attending, students reported that they were much more knowledgeable about the adult education system, and felt more invested in the success of their adult school. They wrote about their experience and shared these stories with other students. After CCAE, instructors and administrators report that there has been more collaboration and cooperation between students and administration. Inglewood was in the top quartile of WIA II agencies for program year 2008-09 (based on student performance, persistence and level completion), and was above the state averages for all instructional levels.

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