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Promising Practices: Program Management

These programs have created efficient methods for student intake, assessment, data collection or reporting allowing for more focused instruction.

ESL Intake and Orientation

Promising Practice

San Leandro Adult School has implemented an effective and efficient ESL orientation process in which they are able to register, assess, and place students all within a two-and-a-half hour period.

Agency Awarded: San Leandro Adult School, 2011

Summary Description of Project:

The ESL Intake and Orientation process at San Leandro Adult School includes a one-on-one interview with an ESL teacher, a brief writing sample, and a reading assessment. Lastly, the student has one more interview with an instructor in order to fully assess the student’s placement level. This process has allowed San Leandro Adult School to register and place up to 200 students in a short period of time. Changes to the ESL intake and orientation procedures stemmed directly from feedback from students and instructors, and they have continued to provide suggestions for making the process even better.

Evaluation Process/Results:

The ESL intake and orientation procedures have led to more accurate student placement, which makes the classroom experience much more effective. San Leandro Adult School has exceeded the California state performance levels in all ESL instructional levels, and has an extremely high persistence rate. The streamlined intake, orientation and assessment procedures are a great example of identifying a need and taking action to better serve students.

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