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Promising Practices: Transitions

ABE Bridge and Transitions

Promising Practice

San Leandro Adult School’s ABE Bridge and Transitions program gives ESL students a clear pathway from Adult Education classes into postsecondary education and the workforce. Students articulate exactly what they would like to do after taking Adult Education classes, and are given what they need to achieve those goals.

Agency Awarded: San Leandro Adult School, 2011

Summary Description of Project:

The ABE Bridge and Transitions program at San Leandro Adult School provides ESL students with the support to transition successfully into ASE and CTE programs. Students receive intensive training in reading, writing, and math, and are introduced to Vocational ESL (VESL) programs. Prior to the implementation of this program, many ESL students remained in the ESL program year after year. The staff recognized the need for a transition program to allow ESL students to progress in their education, and to allow for new ESL students to begin their studies. The students at San Leandro are enthusiastic about the program and see it as an opportunity to accomplish their educational goals.

Evaluation Process/Results:

Since the implementation of the ABE Bridge Program, student attendance and persistence has increased, and CASAS assessment scores have improved. Participating ESL students are excited about their education, and students are receiving the training they need to obtain meaningful employment.

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