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Promising Practices: Transitions

Using EL Civics Assessments to Prepare for Post-Secondary Transition

Promising Practice: Mira Costa College has integrated their EL Civics curriculum into a transition program to help students progress from noncredit adult education classes into credit community college and vocational classes.

Agency Awarded: MiraCosta College, 2010

Summary Description of Project:

The transition program at MiraCosta College involves a number of valuable EL Civics lessons designed specifically for transitioning ESL students, and focuses on the skills required for success in postsecondary education. Within this seamless transition program, students begin to create academic and career goals upon entry, and learn about transition options throughout their time in ESL. This program is much more effective than having separate workshops or sessions to inform students about transitions, and sends the message that transitioning is an accessible and viable option for students.

In the Level 7 “Bridging” ESL classes, EL Civics units are tailored specifically to teach students about transitioning to credit courses. Students are given focused writing instruction, and are able to participate in a tutoring program. Students study the MiraCosta College course catalog, complete an admission application, and learn about how the credit college system is structured. A recent addition to the Bridging Class is a portfolio requirement, which is similar to writing projects in credit English courses. MiraCosta also has a full-time staff member who coordinates all transition efforts, and has created a program called NC2C (Noncredit to Credit). Students who show interest in NC2C are identified and given support throughout the transition process.

Evaluation Process/Results:

MiraCosta is able to track student progress while in ESL courses as well as after they transition into credit courses. Over the past two years, the NC2C program has helped 21 students transition from noncredit to credit coursework. 105 students complete the bridging course every year, and at least 10% of those have transitioned into at least one credit course. MiraCosta College performed above the California state averages in all ESL instructional levels in 2008-09.

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