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The Workplace Training Institute (WTI)

Promising Practice

Napa Valley Adult Education’s Workplace Training Institute highlights the importance of collaborations with local businesses and agencies. By providing training and instruction to employees of local businesses, employers can get a better-trained workforce, and employees are able to gain valuable skills for their current jobs and beyond.

Agency Awarded: Napa Valley Adult School, 2011

Summary Description of Project:

The Workplace Training Institute is a customized language development and computer literacy program that provides local businesses and agencies with highly professional employee training. The WTI outreach coordinator makes contact with potential customers and then visits the workplace with a language or computer specialist to clarify the needs of the business. A written proposal of services as well as a cost schedule is then created. The goal is to provide local businesses and agencies with a well-qualified workforce. The training provided through the WTI is effective because lessons are tailored to meet the specific workplace needs of each client. Past clients include local manufacturers, government agencies and small businesses.

Evaluation Process/Results:

The WTI has proven to be beneficial to both employers and employees, and feedback from past clients has been overwhelmingly positive. Participating students show learning gains well above the California state average despite limited hours of instruction, and the adult school overall exceeds state goals in all instructional levels for the 2009-10 program year. The WTI illustrates a successful partnership between Napa Valley Adult Education and the community at large.

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