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Citizenship Interview Test Examiner Training

Citizenship Interview Test Examiner Training The CASAS Citizenship Interview Test (CIT) is a standardized oral assessment that assesses the speaking skills of adult ESL and citizenship learners. The CIT helps predict an individual's target speaking performance level needed to pass the USCIS English naturalization oral interview.

This test requires training to prepare you to administer and score the CIT in a standardized and accurate manner. Standardized test administration requires following the administration instructions and script precisely and scoring the test according to specific criteria.

You are eligible for CASAS CIT Test Administration Certification if you complete all three parts required for certification:

  1. Certification Part I: Test Administration Assessment – pass with a score of 100%.
  2. Certification Part II: Score Three Interviews – pass with at least 80% accuracy on all three interviews.
  3. Certification Part III: Conduct Two Interviews – submit interview audio and test booklets to CASAS for review and approval of test administration skills.

Cost: Any agency not included in the California WIOA, Title II: AEFLA grant is assessed $150 to complete the certification process.

Audience: This training is appropriate for programs currently offering a citizenship preparation program.

Time Commitment: Approximately four to six hours.

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