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Workforce Learning Systems (WLS) Training

What is Workforce Learning Systems?

WLS provides agencies and businesses with tools and expertise to respond to the new technology and productivity requirements of today's workplace. WLS is the only system that includes all components required to implement a complete workplace literacy program.

Education and training programs throughout the public and private sectors use this nationally recognized learner-centered system to improve basic skills of adults for the workplace and for training programs.

What does this training workshop cover?

By the end of the two-day training session, you will be able to:
  • Use CASAS to determine employee skill levels and to identify training requirements
  • Identify areas of basic skill needs and develop recommendations for meeting training objectives
  • Use worksite-specific materials and QuickSearch Online to design customized curriculum for the workplace
  • Identify appropriate instructional strategies that meet training objectives
  • Use a variety of workplace assessment instruments to target instruction and to evaluate progress

Who should attend?

Anyone responsible for developing and implementing workplace training programs, including those:
  • Conducting job analyses and employee testing
  • Designing workplace programs
  • Evaluating outcomes
  • Selecting and training worksite instructors
  • Designing curriculum based on the initial appraisal and job analysis results
  • Monitoring employee progress in class

How is this different from other CASAS training?

Education and business participants work together to determine employee educational needs and to set attainable goals. WLS includes training at an actual business site. Participants practice using the Workplace Analysis and customizing the system to meet business needs.

Workshop Information

Please email for additional information or to arrange for WLS training. Workshops are limited to ten participants.

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